Top Golf Professionals to Follow on Social Media

Looking for the top golf professionals to follow on social media? Each one has their own personality, but these are the ones we enjoy the most.

Social media can be a place of inspiration and motivation! If you’re a golfer or a golfing fan, you can turn your social media feeds into an endless stream of exciting golfing content just by following the right people. 

These are our choices of the top golf professionals to follow on social media. They’re a good mix of fun, educational, and just a little controversial! Whatever social media platform you spend the most time on, check out these golfers for awesome content. 

Rickie Fowler 

Rickie Fowler is one of the most popular young golfers, and has been an active social media user for over a decade. His Instagram feed is a pleasant mix of golfing content, wholesome family pictures that make you go “Aww”, and promotional content for a range of businesses he supports, including Farmers Insurance and Rocket Mortgage. 

He also posts a fair bit promoting various charity organizations and initiatives, such as ending veteran homelessness and providing equal opportunities. Something we appreciate about his social media is that he posts different stuff on Instagram and Twitter, so you don’t feel like you’re getting double the same content if you follow him on both. 



Michelle Wie 

Michelle Wie is a well-known name in the golfing world! Although she isn’t a fixture on the pro circuits very much anymore, she’s got a very active life that mixes golf with family, travel, and food! 

She also hosts a podcast called Golf Mostly, where she interviews interesting people, does fun challenges, and talks about stuff that you wouldn’t expect on a “golf” podcast! If you’re a podcast fan, it’s definitely worth checking out. 

As well as her main profile, she has a second one that’s dedicated to food. Fair warning, you’re bound to get hungry when browsing this profile—it’s packed with amazing dishes, plus a few interesting recipes you can try yourself! 




Billy Horschel 

Billy Horschel turned pro in 2009, so he’s been around for a while. There’s plenty of great golf-related content on his Instagram and Twitter profiles, and he’s also quite involved with the American Junior Golf Association so you can expect to see plenty of AJGA events showcased on his feeds. 

There’s also a bit of personal stuff, family photos, and advocating for his favorite CBD sleep brand, Beam. 



Ian Poulter 

Ian Poulter is right up with Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy on Twitter, so you know he’s popular! He tweets with as much gusto as he plays, although he does get himself into trouble here and there. One of the reasons golfing fans enjoy following him is his confidence in speaking his mind… And the ensuing chaos with other pros! 

But that’s not all you can look forward to. Golf, family, fitness, and his car collection feature regularly on his profiles. He’s also known for his funky pants, so you can spot him from a mile away on the course! 




Tisha Alyn 

Tisha Alyn is a professional golfer and content creator who’s well worth a follow on social media. She’s sponsored by Cobra Golf and Puma, so you can expect plenty of golfing content, but there’s a lot more to her than just the sport. 

She shares quite a bit of exercise and fitness-related content on her profiles, which is motivating and gives a bit of insight into what it takes to keep her physique. You’ll also find personal posts with friends and family, reminding us that she’s a normal human as well as being a phenomenal golfer! 

Her Twitter feed is also interspersed with motivating posts sharing her thoughts on relationships, self-love, and living life. If you’re looking for tips on improving your golf, check out her “Tips with Tish” videos on YouTube! 




Bubba Watson 

Bubba Watson is a character both on and off the course. His social media feeds are no different, and every post shines with that personality and love for what he does. 

The first thing you see on his profile is that he’s a Christian, but don’t let that fool you into thinking his social media is going to be boring or preachy. It’s wholesome, but packed with fun and energy that’s a joy to see pop up on a newsfeed. 

The lefty posts a bunch of golf content, but he also shares a lot of family-related stuff. You may also find other sports stuff thrown in there. 

Watson has taken a bit of flack lately for joining Liv Golf, but he isn’t phased by the hate online. He continues to be himself and share feel-good content, which is much appreciated. 



Christina Kim 

Christina Kim isn’t yet a household name, with just 68 thousand followers on Twitter and 22.5 thousand on Instagram. But she’s quite a character, and her social media feeds are quite interesting. 

The first thing you’ll notice on her social media profiles is that she’s a civil rights activist as much as she is a golfer. That makes for an interesting mix of political and sporting content. She’s also got quite an inspiring story behind her, which makes her fun personality even more striking. 

She’s all about living life and enjoying the ride. Give her a follow if you’d like some unfiltered, honest content on your feed, sprinkled with great golf and a bunch of motivation. 




Golf professionals are so much more than just the clubs they swing! While we know that golf fans will follow most of these players for the actual golf, each of these players has a rich social media life that’s not just informative in terms of their sport, but brings a bit more happiness to the world at the same time. 

We highly recommend following these golf professionals on whatever social media platforms you’re on. Not only will your golf likely improve (if you take their advice), but you’ll be constantly inspired

About the Author: 

Jordan Fuller is a retired golfer who mentors young guys and girls on the course. When he’s not swinging his clubs or coaching others, he’s writing value-packed articles for his own website, Golf Influence.

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