How to Create a Festive Christmas Aesthetic

A great way to make your house look festive is to match the colors of your holiday decorations to your home’s color scheme. Choose bold colors like red or green to make the holiday season feel more Christmas-like. Red and green are classic Christmas Aesthetic colors, but you can also choose a shade that has a warm or cool profile, such as burgundy.

Ugly sweaters

If you are looking for ways to incorporate ugly Christmas sweaters into your holiday aesthetic, you’ve come to the right place. The holiday sweater is a great way to dress up for the holidays while still remaining comfortable. Whether you are planning on wearing it to a formal party or just wearing it to hang around the house, you can find a way to fit in without being overly offensive.

Ugly sweaters can be worn all year long and are not just for the holiday season. If you have a favorite television show, you can wear a Christmas sweater featuring that show’s characters. For instance, a Friends Christmas sweater is an easy way to show off your fandom. You could also opt for a sweater featuring a Magic School Bus, a cartoon character, or something that depicts your learning attitude. Whatever you choose, it’s certain to get you noticed and will make you feel right at home.

Vintage Christmas lights

Vintage Christmas lights have a vintage aesthetic, but the technology behind them is very advanced. Many collectors use “real” bubble lights for their vintage Christmas trees, but some companies have introduced new, safer versions that won’t break as easily. But, if you want to keep that vintage aesthetic, you’ll probably want to stick to the traditional versions.

Big vintage bulbs make a statement as much as the ornaments you hang on them. In recent years, retro-style C7 and C9 bulbs have become a major trend. You can find the best bulbs at The Home Depot, where you can buy both white and multicolored strands. Generally, multicolored strands are shorter than those made with white lights.

Vintage red

When decorating for the holidays, embrace a retro, vintage aesthetic. The colors red and green are classic holiday colors. The red you choose can have a warm or cool tone. You can use red from the burgundy family or a shade of red that’s closer to pink.

In addition to red and green, other colors that lend a rustic, Christmassy feel include deep teal or chocolate brown. You can use these colors in your Christmas decor to add warmth and character to your home. When planning your holiday party, consider incorporating soft candlelight and bright red accented with supporting shades of green, caramel, and down-to-earth tones. Throughout the season, you can incorporate this aesthetic into your brand by utilizing a logo maker that uses these colors.

Vintage green

If you’re looking to add a vintage feel to your Christmas decorating this year, consider incorporating vintage pieces into your decor. For example, you can create a vintage-inspired hot cocoa station complete with Santa mugs and marshmallows. You can also fill an antique birdcage with your favorite holiday decorations. Antique stores will also have the perfect decorations for your tree. Vintage Christmas postcards are also a fun and nostalgic touch. You can purchase them on Etsy or in antique shops, and hang them from mini clothespins or weave them into an evergreen swag. You can also create your own vintage-style garland and hang it on the mantel or drape it across a piece of art.

Vintage green is also an incredibly classic color for the holidays. It looks festive, whether paired with a classic red or a pale celadon hue. It also goes well with classic southern greenery. You can even find a tree decorated with vintage-style ornaments at a Kmart.

Vintage purple

Purple is an unexpected color choice for Christmas, but it can bring a festive and moody look to your home. This color pairs well with the traditional colors of Christmas, such as green and white. It’s easy to create your own purple Christmas decorations. These decorations are also adaptable and can be used for other special occasions throughout the year.

Purple is the main color of Advent, the period before Christmas, where Christians fast in anticipation of Christ’s birth. It also represents royalty, luxury, and whimsy. Like the history of Christmas itself, this color has evolved over the years, but still has roots in religious traditions. While it has been modernized through commercialism, the spirit of joy and peace lingers on.

Vintage pink

This holiday season, consider decorating your home in vintage pink. You can use Victorian style decorations on the mantle and bay window seat, or opt for a pastel pink color scheme for your centerpieces and stockings. Pastel pink shades will help you tone down the traditional red and green tones.

The pastel aesthetic is complete with a Christmas tree that is in a pale color. A traditional green Christmas tree will clash with a vintage-inspired aesthetic, so go with a white Christmas tree instead. A tabletop-size white Christmas tree is available on Amazon, or you can go for larger trees. White trees also lend vintage vibes while giving off a modern feel.

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