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How do you Style a Checkered Shirt

Wearing shirts is not as simple as it seems – there are plenty of unwritten rules when it comes to wearing shirts and pants, and if overlooked, can end up looking quite jarring. Unfortunately, not a lot of men know that not all shirts can be worn with all pants. Pairing a suitable shirt with the right pants requires some etiquette that is taught in many self-care and upkeep classes.

In fact, many of the offices and formal dressing clubs also help younger men in understanding how to dress formally by pairing the right check shirt for men with the right pants and how to add things like a tie, a bow tie, cufflinks and other accessories to the mix.

Choosing the right socks and shoes are also imperative and can completely spin the appearance adrift if the right shoes and socks are not chosen for the right appeal.

Check Shirts – A Quick Introduction

Check shirts are a great way to style shirts, as they are usually self-designed. Check shirts date back to a few centuries ago as Celts from around the Scotland era first invested in this type of garment. They were able to create a name for themselves in the fashion era with something called the Plaid design.

The plaid design was extremely famous in Europe in the 1800s in the form of flannel shirts which were mostly made for workers. This soon became a fashion trend and spread to America where it became more of a mid-American Cowboy fashion.

But soon enough, the industry of entertainment blew the plaid shirt up, making it an instant favourite with jeans, shorts and in the form of tie-up shirts. Check shirts are basically a derivation from a plaid shirt.

A checked shirt is a name that is commonly used in India but the official name remains plaid shirt. Plaid shirts are made with a plain background but with contrast, sewing in line to create the check format.

There are many kinds of plaid check shirt designs, such as:

  • Gingham Checks

Gingham is a concept with a coloured thread and white thread is used to form a check shirt. These are usually small check shirts with small boxes over a white coloured background.

  • Shepherd Check

Shepherd check uses a transparent and one opaque line to create the illusion of one dark checkbox and one light checkbox. This is a very elegant check shirt pattern with small checks for formal wear.

  • Windowpane Checks

Windowpane checks are larger boxes with narrow borders and are mostly seen as a long checked shirt pattern. They can be worn more casually than formally.

  • Pin Check

Pin check is another common type of check shirt with a very small pinned type check, usually with just white and one other colour. They are a common type of check shirt for men in this category.

  • Graph Check

Graph check is exactly what it sounds like – just like the graph sheet, this type of pattern has very thin and very small lined checks all over the shirt for a very formal and light-coloured appearance.

These are some common types of check shirts for men that are available in different colours and in long and short-sleeve patterns. They can be worn with formal trousers for a formal appeal or casually with jeans as well.

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