10 Most Expensive CSGO Skins in 2022

Probably every modern person has heard of the most popular shooter – CS: GO. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has exceeded all the expectations of users and players in terms of its popularity. How could anyone have thought back in 2012 that the game would attract a total of 991,625 players? And this is only according to estimates in January 2022, and at the time of writing this article, this amount is definitely more.


The peak of the popularity of CS: GO was when new opportunities for players appeared in the game, for example, buying and selling skins. In the review, we will consider the most expensive skins for the entire existence of CS: GO.


What are skins in CS: GO & How do they work?


Skins in CS: GO plays the role of decorations for various items used in battles. These can be weapon skins, knife skins, and glove skins. They do not affect the weapon’s characteristics in any way, but these items are the scoring desire of each player. After all, all CS:GO skins show not only that you have taste and your weapons look good, but they also show how lucky you are or what investment you are willing to make in order for others to admire your game. Well, many players confirm that expensive and beautiful skins give them more confidence in battles, so they are successful.


Most Expensive CS: GO Skins 2022


The price and value of all CS: GO skins depend on several factors. Firstly, on the type of weapon, the rarity of the skin, and its condition. Naturally, a rare skin like “Factory New” will cost the most. Also, the price sometimes depends mainly on who designs the skin. As practice shows, skins that were the least likely to drop out to players at the very beginning of their appearance in the game now cost very decent amounts, and over time they grow even if the skin is not WOW. 


At the time of writing, namely the end of 2022, we have identified 10 of the most expensive skins that many people probably want but only some of them can afford.


Karambit Case Hardened Blue Gem


It is the most expensive skin; it costs approximately 1.4 million dollars.


The chance of getting this skin is tiny, 1 to 371 million since there are only 8 such skins, but it is in the inventory of a Chinese collector, who apparently plans only to increase the cost for this skin that was. It is a gorgeous and rare skin that deserves our attention.


Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore

This skin has been considered the most expensive and popular souvenir set skin ever since its addition in 2014 as part of the Cobblestone collection. Its maximum value is $213,000, and we can assume that the price will only increase because the probability of its loss is VERY low.


AK-47 Case Hardened (661 Pattern)


Case Hardened is one of the best weapon skins, especially for the AK-47, because each of the patterns is special in its own way. Pattern number 661 has been the most popular pattern for 7 years now, and its price is growing all the time and has already reached the value of $150,000. CS: GO players know this skin as a “scar” because of the golden stripe on the blue surface.


Butterfly Knife Crimson Web

Compared to previous skins, this one seems relatively cheap. Its maximum value is $40,000. This bloody skin appeared in the game back in 2014 as part of the famous Operation Breakout Weapon case. Since then, it has kept his position at the top of the most expensive and coveted skins.


M4A4 Howl

At the moment, this is the most expensive skin of this type of weapon for counter-terrorists; its price directly depends on whether it has the StatTrak mode, and if so, its price will automatically increase to $12,500. Like many other leaders of this list, it appeared in the game in 2014, but as part of a different collection – Huntsman.


M9 Bayonet Crimson Web


It is already the second representative of the Crimson Web skin, which means, in this case, the price fully depends not only on the weapon’s rarity but also on the skin. Combining these 2 aspects, we have got the amount of $12,000 for this skin. Well, this money is really worth such a skin.


Talon Knife Crimson Web


And one more confirmation that the combination of a knife and the Crimson Web skin automatically makes the skin expensive. Of course, let’s look at the appearance because each of their skins has a characteristic pattern on the blade, making it stand out from the rest. Its maximum price is $11,500.

AWP Gungnir


This skin inaugurates the top 3 “cheapest” skins from this list. AWP is one of the most popular CS: GO weapons, so the skins are correspondingly more expensive, especially with the Gungnir skin, because it was released in a souvenir collection. Its cost reaches a maximum value of $ 7,300.


AK-47 Wild Lotus


AK-47 is the most popular assault rifle in CS: GO, so most skins for this type of weapon are expensive. The maximum price of this skin is $7,300. It appeared in the game in 2019, so its price is relatively low compared to previous skins. But things could change in the next few years.


Butterfly Knife Lore


The Butterfly knife is loved by many players not only because of its rarity but also because it is coolly animated in the game. The Lore skin of butterfly knife is currently one of the most recognizable, as it appeared in the game relatively recently – in 2021 as part of the Dreams & Nightmares collection. Currently, the maximum value of the skin is $6,200, so if you have it, take your time selling it; its price may increase significantly.

How to obtain skins online? 


One of the easiest ways to get CS: GO skins online is to buy them. Of course, the first thought that probably comes to your mind is Steam, but you can do it not only there. You can purchase CS: GO skins online using the ShadowPay platform. Or, if you want to make getting skins even more interesting, you can buy and open cases on Hellcase, especially since they can offer you that and many more bonuses and events.


Wrapping Up!


Buying and selling CS: GO skins online are a good investment. To do this, you have to be patient because the value of skins usually grows in a few years, then you can get an ace in the hole. So use trusted platforms to buy skins and start investing in a glorious future because the prices of some skins are just unbelievably surprising.




Author BIO:  Radosław Davidović is Hellcase’s customer success manager. He enjoys blogging to share his knowledge and experience with customers.

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